Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Essay - Our Sugary Autumn

This is an autumn that merits much admiration. The days have been brilliant, more than I can ever remember.
With temperatures in perfect harmony for nature and humans to experience their sugars, albeit we’re in global warming, it still has been an outrageous season, with many gifts.
As the trees and plants dance their photosynthesis, allowing the chlorophylled leaves to flow deeper, sinking into the branches, trunk and roots, it brings the life force inward.
The external beauty of this process reveals the yellow and orange pigments from the tree for our delight. The more sugar, the redder the leaves.
Connecting Autumn with the Five Element Theory, the Air Element shows itself. This element moderates the essential rhythms of life – our outflow and intake. Staying aware as we move throughout life our need to exhale before we inhale. Trees have to let go to start the deepening of the chlorophyll process. We, at the same time have to release our grip on the old to be receptive to the new. The emotion we hold at this time is grief and loss. As we grieve, our emotional rhythms are thrown into confusion, diminishing our capacity to let go. Our internal organs ruling this process are the lungs and large intestines. Our outflow and inflow, same as with trees and plants.
As we learn to become One with nature and All That Is, to start the turning in process the season presents, death takes on a more pure and sacred meaning. We begin to gather in our own green leaves, our essence we’ve collected since spring, lessons learned, as the warmth of spring and summer gave us much light. We may even allow the riches of this process to strengthen our core, letting the sugars begin to come forth to share with all who sees.

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