Sunday, November 23, 2008

The English Language

I love the English language. The hidden meanings within the meanings of the words bring me to an understanding, not immediately cognized.

A case in point is the word, “understanding”. There is strength of conviction, a “groking”, if you will, about standing under, up lifting, being on a firm foundation with our taking in and assimilating an idea or concept.

I love that English is such a pot-pouri of various languages. The influences of French, German, Latin, Celtic, and I’m sure others, with which I am not familiar, enliven our common sentences. We are usually not aware of the cultural conglomeration that we apply so readily.

I love that it has a sense of brevity. Unlike French, with which I have a modicum of familiarity, in English one can get to the point without the excessive use of words. In French, quite often, one has to use several words that would only be one word in English.

I know that English is criticized for not having the fullness of expression of some other languages, but I do not find that my expression becomes stilted, if I can just find that perfect word for which I am searching.

I have been accused of talking above people’s heads, by using language to the fullest of my ability and comprehension. Actually, I delight in it. I love the opportunity to speak with erudition and expand my vocabulary. Once a spiritual teacher suggested that I need to learn to speak “garage language”. That’s all well and fine if I am in a garage, but it gets boring really quickly. If I am speaking or writing to the general public on a general theme, then I do understand the importance of using a voice that can be readily understood. Just don’t ask me to remain in that flatland of nuance.

I love to explore the possibilities of the English language. I revel in the delicacy and boldness of the word, the juxtaposition of fine lace on burlap. I want to plumb the depths of the esoteric in the wells of knowledge. I want to foray into the parallel universes on the perimeter of usual consciousness, soaring to the heights of thought and beyond, where no words in any language will suffice.

Prema Rose

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