Sunday, November 2, 2008

Memoirs: Passing Through

I am very interested in out of body experiences and, one night, ask “to know”. I find myself outside of my body looking down at it. My husband’s arm is over me and he is asleep. I think, “If he were to wake up now, he would think I am dead. But I’m not dead because I am here. Well, if I’m here, then where am I?”

I turn around and find that I am in a tunnel. Rings of bright lights are moving past me rapidly, but I am still. I have the sensation of speeding down the tunnel towards a bright light. It is 1970 and I have never heard of the Tunnel. I have a choice to go through the Light and I experience a moment of hesitation. Then the choice is made and I am through on the other side. There is no transition. I am in a place of light, color, beauty, and Peace. The colors are muted pastels, softly blending into each other. They feel unusual to me, not as vibrant as I would have thought. A huge Being of Light approaches me. He is all light except for his face and his hand, which he holds out to me. Telepathically he says, “I am going to take you to God”. There is a knowing in me that, if I went, I would not be able to come back. I think of Hugh and know that I have something to do with him here that is important. I say, “No, not yet”.

Instantly, I am back in my body. I wake Hugh up to tell him what had happened, but he does not remember it.

This experience was a deciding catalyst to bring me to the commitment of a spiritual path. Time and events started speeding up, miracles abounded, and within a few months, Hugh and I left the United States on a journey of four and a half years that took us around the world and back again.

Prema Rose

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molly said...

I would love to know more of the journey around the world. Wow, what an experience.