Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Prose - Jake and The Election

Around 6:30 on the dawn of Nov. 5, 2008, my phone rang. A young voice says “Hi”. I have to think for a moment, which little grandchild hi is this? I soon recognize eleven year old Jake’s voice.
“Have you heard yet?” He asks.
Knowing exactly that he’s referring to our new President, I say,
“I sure have and isn’t it wonderful!”
Jake lives in Oklahoma, a Republican state. I wonder a lot why some of us are Republican and others Democrat. I was raised in the South, when the majority was Democrat. I married a very passionate Democrat, who was also a writer and columnist. In my simple understanding of the Republican party, women and children are NOT a priority. That was true when I was growing up, and it is still true. That’s enough for me right there. The party has grown more toward Big Money, corporations, and most things against the average Joe.
So, to be talking politics with my eleven-year-old grandson, who sees the light to be a Democrat surrounded by Republicans, I was touched.
His Dad is usually Republican and his Mom always Democrat. We talked of Arnold Swartznegger and Maria Shriver, and how that’s the case in some families.
We compared this election with John Kennedy, and how the same energy has prevailed, become victorious again, even more so, the energy of the new paradigm.
Jake was very excited to be wearing an Obama T-shirt to school, one in which, his Dad, who voted Republican, helped him draw. Dad put the front Obama emblem on from his computer skills, while Jake created the back with Obama, Yes We Can, 2008.
I felt a lot of love and communion from his Dad to help him do that. A small example of how opposing forces can come together.

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A Week's Worth of Women said...

I really like Jake, and, his daddy. What a nice piece.