Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Prose - A Simple Thanksgiving

It started out with me needing a change of scene. The last few months I have been healing from a cancer diagnosis. A change of scene would be delightful. I wasn’t aware of how much I needed it. My daughters suggested this would be great for me. And where else do I enjoy going than New Mexico. Central to western New Mexico holds a lot of magic and healing energy for me. A friend has a lovely home in the desert, far from most anything, except the square topped peak of the Pedernal.

Another friend agreed to drive down with me, or more appropriately, I with her. It was time to break away from the usual tradition. Leaving on Thanksgiving Day, there was very little traffic. None of us were interested in turkey. None-the-less, we had a great Thanksgiving dinner. Two of our favorites was a mushroom, nuts and short grain brown rice casserole, for melting in the mouth, along with a squash pie with a cranberry glaze. And the treat of a pumpkin pie, for those not too full to partake.

Much resting was enjoyed, a perfect retreat. A little hiking, on my part, plus a fabulous massage.

It was a small and loving Thanksgiving. Just what I needed during this time. Much gratefulness to all who brought me into such a healing space

Thanksgiving Day doesn’t have to be the same, year after year, but whatever our beings need at the moment. What we are most grateful for. I felt so blest.

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