Sunday, December 6, 2009


A few nights ago, I dreamed that I didn’t have a head. For some reason or other, the surgeons determined that I had to have it removed. It didn’t bother me much and I was more curious than anything. They did a pretty good job except that on part of the top of my neck was sticking up just a little higher to the right of my spine. This disturbed me but I figured that I could live with it. Ah, vanity!

The funny thing was , I could function perfectly well, think , speak, see, and hear. I was normal in all respects except that I couldn’t eat, but that didn’t concern me. I had no desire to.

The reaction to me of other people was most interesting and I, on a perverse level, took amusement in that. It was funny to see the double takes when I was driving my car. Some people got used to seeing me without a head and with others, it was so totally bizarre that they freaked out.

I was observing that, clearly, mind does not reside in the head, that it is all pervasive. I saw that communication takes place, in detail, without the normal apparatus of speech and hearing. I enjoyed the expansiveness that being headless afforded me.

My meditations have been knocking on this awareness, as I have been entering a wholly different state of quiet and relaxation that allows my mind to stop. The instants are becoming more frequent and consistent and there is a physical sensation that accompanies this that I can only describe as a slight buzzing sensation.

I love teaching dreams. They allow me to enter into what I know to be true in a very real experience, even if it is a dream state.


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