Monday, December 7, 2009

Lounging in the Moonlight

The midnight moonlight was shining in the window, illuminating Cassandra’s nude, voluptuous body. She lounged on her side against woven, textured pillows and the afghan that her grandmother had crocheted for her years ago. Her eyes barely open, she gazed peacefully at the candle burning on the low tea table, just past her feet.

Cassandra wanted to soak in the moonlight, to cool herself on this dreadfully hot evening, with the white light of that full orb. How seldom she allowed herself the animal pleasure of nudity. It wasn’t considered decent. But there was something so satisfying about the feeling of air on all her skin, especially after a day having to wear clothes that covered her from the neck down.

She wondered if she was normal in this. Maybe everyone really liked to be nude, but society taught them to always cover up, even when the temperature made them swoon with heat. If only she lived in one of those primitive lands she’d heard of, where people wore little or no clothes and felt nature touching their every pore.

--Terra Rafael

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