Monday, November 30, 2009

A Great Adventure I'd Like to Have

Once upon a time there was a woman who knew how to visit her ancestors and her great-great-great grandchildren. She would do it early in the morning- between midnight and daybreak, the time when so many women wake up and wonder.

She never knew for sure if she was living into the past or the future on any given journey. She wondered to herself,” Is that young woman I am seeing my great-great grandmother or my great-great grand daughter? “

The far future and the far past didn’t seem so different. And after all, it didn’t seem to matter—she felt akin to each one she encountered in her world between dreams and beyond. She saw homes, gardens, and oceans of familiar and unfamiliar lands. Her journeys were connected by the lineage of her DNA, stretching through the ages and the lineage of her shared spiritual body, shining across history.

She delighted in her private journeys and made sure that she taught her daughter and son to travel these strands of life and love as well.

--Terra Rafael

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