Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Prose - A Christmas Memory

A Christmas Memory

This was a different Christmas for lots of people. The economy helped to change the face of it. It was more than that though, the majority were into simplicity. So with that cue I decided to give words, especially to family.

As I sat down to write, I started with my grandchildren,, the out-of-towners, because I had to get them in the mail. It opened up a creativity by first comparing them to their totem animals, and the Moon and the Sun.

As Christmas morning rolled around I was awakened by a phone call at seven a.m. It was Zachary, my fifteen year old grandson from Oklahoma. “Pisha”, he said, “I wanted you to know your poem was the best gift I received..” He sounded genuinely grateful. And I was genuinely grateful also. How often does a grandchild express his love for you so deeply? A true treasure.

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