Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Why I love my Christmas Tree

Why I love my Christmas tree

The light and warmth it exudes.

The old and ancient bulbs, passed on from

a second cousin whose mother died at 100, several years ago,

used these bulbs on

her tree while growing up.

They connect me to family I didn’t know that well

when I was younger, yet are part of me. So I place them gingerly, these tender

treasures. Their sole purpose to light up my face once a year. Or someone else’s.

They sparkle along with the million or

so lights I pour throughout her branches.

She drinks nectar and shines.

She becomes something bigger than all her parts put together.

She brings more to me than all I place on her.

Bounty beyond.

I truly love her presence in our home.

Maybe she feels this and responds.

Maybe she opens a doorway to

places tucked away inside

and it takes the lights,

sparkle and old ornaments

to open to the quiet beauty only she has

a key to.

Her beauty reaches

me. Reminds me. And I



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