Saturday, December 5, 2009

Being in the World, But Not of It...

It's like going into a long tunnel. When you get to the middle, you have shed a good amount of your fake self/ego trips, and are becoming more of your authentic self.

Then the task is to come back to the world, out of the other end of the tunnel, and be able to deal with it.

The whole process may take many years, especially reintegrating into society.

People watching you at either end of the tunnel, have no clue what you are doing, or why you've changed, or why you don't want the same things anymore. You have to get your world legs under you again, and feel out how you are going to be in the world, and not of it. How are you going to protect that authentic self after the excavation process it took to find it.

Some people may judge you by their own criteria of what it means to be on a spiritual path. How it should look. How you should behave, now that you have emerged. Yet it's so different for each person. Yet it's imperative that you bring your new found principles and sense of self into the world so that others may benefit from your work and your insights.


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