Thursday, December 10, 2009

Writing Exercise: An adventure I would like to have

A great adventure I would like to have is horse back riding in Italy with my dear friend Peggy at my side. We will be joined by other “horsey” guys and gals as we explore new and fascinating landscapes. Our horses will be large handsome animals with kind eyes and so forgiving of our riding abilities. We will ride for a week, moving across an Italian province from one bed-and-breakfast to the next. Strapped behind our saddle will be a hearty nutritious lunch snuggled next to our bota bag of wine.

Every evening we will gather with the locals for an evening of story telling. We will recount our daily discoveries and they will tell us of their native history and bawdy stories of their region. The wine will flow; crusty breads will be dipped into meaty stews. And afterwards we will stroll through the village to further capture the essence of each night’s lodging.

As I always say with any new adventure, when you live to tell the story, make it a good one.

* annette

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