Sunday, February 1, 2009

Transient Stability: An Oxymoron

Is it possible to be transient and still have stability at the same time? Since everything is always changing, when one looks for any real stability for any length of time, it is impossible to find. As the tides of the ocean or the phases of the moon, no moment is ever the same as the any other. One can have a sense of stability over a long period of time and some changes are almost imperceptible to our ordinary awareness. The only thing that one can count on is the changing nature of life itself.

But what is there behind the movement of events? Is there something that is eternally still and ever present? This question has been a driving force for all ages. Each present moment brings the possibility of experiencing and knowing that space that is here and always Now.

The dilemma is that we are so habituated to the movement of our minds, that slowing down to a full stop is near impossible, unless one takes the time to be still. This has occurred to me several times in a state of deep meditation. Each time has been remarkable in, its own way. The present moment has been suspended in encapsulated space, there only as the present moment. Once time stopped between the frames of the movie of the mind. The moment included half of what was just before it and half of what was coming up in the Now. I could not make the moment move forward. It was static.

From these experiences, I learned that the present moment is always here. This is the only thing that is stable, truly stable. Yet, in ordinary consciousness, we cannot perceive these isolated moments and so, it appears to us to be transient. Thus, the oxymoron of “transient stability” exists.

Prema Rose

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