Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Rivulet’s Journey

I am reflecting on the journeys we take in our lives and how each path or stream that may seem divergent, feeds the river of our whole story, our purpose, our intention to take form.

I have been following one thread of my journey for many years now, since the moment, in the summer of 1970, when I was given the choice to reenter this plane of existence for a not yet formulated work to accomplish in this lifetime.

This was the beginning of, what has become the animated musical film, “The Planet Earth Presents: The Microcosmic Cartoon Shop”. What a thirty-eight year adventure this has been so far! The project, that was initiated in that “passing through” experience and then took form on Christmas Eve, is still leading my life on down this path. Its many twists and turns sometimes makes me feel that I will never reach the destination of a completed film that gets distributed worldwide. All I can do is take the next step that is in front of me.

One such step was presented to me in the summer of 2004, when I was in California, accepting an award at the Hollywood Spiritual Film Festival. I was having a working dinner with a guest mentor and he said that I needed to have an animatic of the film, so that I could give a visual presentation of my pitch. I had made a demoCD of six of the songs from the movie, but that was not enough. People wanted to see something also.

I came back to Boulder and began the process of figuring out what that meant and how to go about doing it. I eventually found an animator to work with and wrote a synopsis song just for the animatic.

The creation of this five minute promo rough animation, with my animator, arranger, colorist, performers, and tech support, is nearing completion after four and a half years. Today, at long last, I am picking up the compilation of all the pieces that have been now, put together on a DVD. Although there is still some tweaking to do, I feel that the end of this particular rivulet that is coursing into the river of the movie’s completion, is just around the bend. Then that river will flow into the ocean of humanity’s consciousness to offer its drop of delight.

Prema Rose

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