Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Poem - Turtle Mama

She came out of the water at a slow pace,
But with great determination

A movement as old as time, her ancient
Shell protecting her

Slowly, turning around, facing the water,
She begins to dig, powerful moves
Emptying the sand from underneath
Large enough to hold her many eggs.

A beauteous call of a primitive state of
Existence is happening
Before my eyes.

I feel myself intruding on this most
Spectacular of nature’s events.

Huge, wet, thick tears begin to stream from
Her eyes
The tears, a reminder, an awakening of the
Power of the moment.

Is she in pain?
Are they tears of joy?
Maybe her tears are announcing the
Magnificence of this watery process.

An age-old phenomena,
Coming from the water,
Shedding water,
Returning to the water,
The ultimate feminine in action.

And to strongly signify this essential character of
Femininity, she carefully covers the eggs
With sand before she returns,
Leaving a part of herself safe and warm,
Entrusting the earth with the embracing care
Of what she’s leaving behind.

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