Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Word exercise: Haiku, Matter, Tea, Heard

Aster heard the haiku and knew something had dislodged in her brain. What tugged at her was the mysterious nature of its workings. Was this the mystery of words woven into shapes not normally seen? Her mother had taught her to be open in places where many others might have structured fear. It left an indelible print on the way her brain was wired. She knew this but she didn’t understand the inner nature of the mechanics of untying strings of coagulating matter. Could anyone?

Fallen wood
dark, damp moss
a world within whorls

Sipping tea she let the words settle between the spaces in her cells. Calling forward a way of knowing outside of her mind a smile reached through to greet her inquiry. Some understandings are not meant to be linear but are meant to linger.

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