Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Seed

The seed of my heart
Nestles in the soil of my life,
Composted and fertilized
By the breakdown of my stories.
Nourished and watered by the deluge
Of my sorrows,
Through the ages of my years
My eyes pour forth
The lubrication of my soul.

Oh, little seed,
I sing of your courage.
Not knowing why or how,
Your sprout emerges to push
The clods and hindrances away.
Gaining the strength,
Though still yet fragile,
Your journey to the sun
Continues on.

You do not even seek to know,
But accept the force of breaking through
The impenetrable barriers
Of impossibility.
You prove that,
Once again,
And evermore,
That which is to be
Will be.

How much trust
In the rightness of all things
Propels my sprout to seedling?
Opening into the love of growth,
Nothing more,
Nothing less,
To feel the moment of the blossoming.
To know I live.
This is the all in all.

Prema Rose

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