Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Sunshine and warmth from within. Wake up bathing in contentment, something out of reach of words and happy for it to be so.  If a worry thought arose it would be eaten up by this way to good feeling humming inside.  Bees bathing in the sun, knowing without a thought the world is good and holy.  Just that.  Not a big story or aha, a subtle swirl of a skirt and everything looks a little different, lighter, closer to what is real outside our minds.  Mind wants to be busy and label everything.  Even swirling skirts and buzzing bees. This feeling ate up everything, even labels.  It was a little like being empty space with warm, buzzing twirling sensations that seemed to be happy about anything....didn't matter what, it just buzzed a little more, twirled or felt warm...all those words fall short of a visit I encountered with a love that doesn't fit in the hat box of thoughts or even feelings that I so often live in.


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