Friday, February 13, 2009

Good Things About Colorado

Mountain lions roam our back streets but our kitchen counters are ant free.
We can put a box of crackers in the pantry and it won’t mold.
We can step into our shoes without checking for poisonous spiders first.
Bears come up the creek bed in spring to poop in our garden but our dogs don’t get fleas or worms.
Dog poop if left to fry in the sun will dry up on a summer’s day.
Prairie dogs build cities around us but rats stick to the creek and dumpsters. This is big for me.
Humming birds buzz our windows in spring reminding us to put out their treats, then they play in our gardens all summer.
It is rarely foggy in Colorado.
While most folks east of Colorado freeze from November to May many of us have ample opportunity to get a sun tan in January.
Snow storms drop big loads of snow but it melts in a day or two.
People in Colorado know how to drive in blizzards without a panic.
The sun shines and the sky is true blue!


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