Thursday, February 26, 2009

5 Words ~~ Haiku, matter, topic, tea, heard

Haiku is an ancient Japanese form of poetry. With an English influence, it is a three line poem, typically with a “5 - 7 - 5” syllable pattern; concentrated and succinct to capture the essence of a precise topic. If you get technical, there are many more rules to writing Haiku, but as I set here, I am thinking that communication is hard enough without putting extra rules around it. So few words, so much to say; fathers to daughters, sisters to brothers, man to woman. What an adventure.

Tonight is the Academy Awards ceremonies. A night of celebrating the visual form of communication. I look forward to snuggling into the couch and watching movie stars walk down the red carpet, hoping this night to win their Oscar. As I finish cleaning my house and doing the dishes dressed in ten year old sweats, it will be a riot to see what the rich and famous people are wearing. One of those dresses could probably pay off my mortgage. I heard Hugh Jackman, the host of this years event, say there will be a twist this year. It doesn’t really matter to me, just watching him for a few hours will brighten up my evening. Maybe I will put a shot of brandy into my tea and totally relax into the evening.

So handsome a man
Is Hugh Jackman the actor;
God bless Australia.

* annette

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