Monday, January 19, 2009

Unity in Diversity - in Honor of Martin Luther King Jr.

What was the dream of Martin Luther King Jr? What is the dream of Barack Obama? What is your dream?

My dream began to form words when I was in college. Someone asked me what I wanted to be “when I grew up.” I said, “ A real human Being.”

They asked me no more questions. Do you wonder what I dream?

I dream of always knowing that I am, like all humans, God’s Divine Child. I dream of constantly expressing that in thought, word and deed. That would be living from the inside out. Living from the heart, outward, rather than taking life into my heart.

College offered a class on the ‘Psychology of Differences’ but none about ‘the Psychology of Unity‘. Yes, the diversity of appearances, actions, and languages boggles the mind. Yet I do not doubt that there is a Oneness that we all share-- be it called God, Spirit, or Love. We catch positive glimpses of it in Jesus, in Krishna, in pure Love, in our kind friend, or the acts of strangers helping those in need. We also see it in negative seeking when we feel bereft of its fullness within us.

Every thought word and deed is, in its deepest root, either growing out of the Oneness or out of our seeking for it. The torturer, the drug addict, the slut, the tyrant, the soldier, the terrorist are all trying to get something out of their actions-- safety, bliss, power-- that they hope will fulfill. We are them, only different in what we believe that we need to do to feel safety, bliss, or power, when disconnected from Oneness.

Sometimes we get mixed up and want the oneness of everyone looking, speaking, and acting the same. That is nowhere near Oneness. Great Respect and Great Love for all Beings are.

Stop the violent behavior, not the human.

"May all beings be happy.
May all beings be peaceful.
May all beings be one with Oneness.
May all beings be free from every kind of suffering."

By Terra Rafael

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