Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Prose - What Chakra Am I?

I immediately thought when our teacher said, “write about which chakra you are”, no problem, I’m a third chakra person. Manipura, as its called in translated Sanskrit, lives at the solar plexus. I’m a Virgo sun sign, and in my system of energy work, that’s related to small intestine. Its all about sorting the pure from the impure. I resist it, and yet, its my main focus. I can drive those around me into a twitter, always sorting. Taking my power and displaying it to the world has always been a struggle for me. Yet, I know its there. Sometimes I feel I may burst from holding it in so tightly.
But, the more I thought about this subtle body of ours, the more I came to realize I really couldn’t separate manipura from muladara, our root chakra, connecting us to the earth. This one is about our survival, materialism, there again, a struggle. Although I have a trust the Universe will always provide and hold me, I can flip to manipura, my power, and attempt to cancel out the strength held at the root.
But wait, what about svadhishthana, the second chakra, between the pubic bone and the navel. Its filled with security, trust and our sexuality. I apparently chose to deal with sexual abuse in this life, throwing this chakra way out of alignment. This has been one of my major obstacles, feeling secure and trusting in my sexuality. A hard lesson has been choosing partners for the wrong reasons.
Skipping over the third, we have the fourth, anahata, the heart chakra at the center of the chest. This one has had its difficulty in staying open, wanting so much to be loved. At this late age though, finally, learning we have to love first, be love, to attract love. Oh man, why does my heart hurt so much sometimes? Still needing to learn to love myself first. So, I could be all about the heart chakra, after all, there is only love.
Then, there’s the high heart, between the heart and the throat. This seems to be where I hold the most energy. I’m not sure if this is recognized in the ancient system or if it’s a western new age phenomena. As I gently pull back the web of covering over this one, I can feel so much better about who I came here to be.
And of course, I’m a fifth chakra person. What woman, especially, isn’t? Although, there are more men than not who have difficulty speaking, particularly their feelings. Even if a woman talks too much, that is an imbalance. A lot of people see me as shy. I’ve never thought of it as shyness, especially as I’ve aged. I’m an observer, I contemplate, watching, listening, putting together all that I’m hearing. Speaking does have its merits, for males and females. It helps to transform all the lower chakras to be able to trust enough to speak our truth. I’m still learning this one, and its most empowering when it happens.
All the chakras have a specific number of petals relating to certain characteristics. These petals are pointed downward. As we work with our chakras, knowingly or unknowingly, these petals start to lift upward, allowing the energy disc to open a little more.
I find it very interesting that the throat chakra, Vishuddha, has sixteen petals, the most of any of them, except the crown of course. There are many obstacles to overcome to get to the higher, more spiritual chakras. It amazes me some people seem to be born with their higher chakras more open.
Ajna, at the brow, the sixth chakra, is another challenge. Trusting my intuition and knowingness is reflected from the second chakra. So there I’ve been most of my life, running back and forth between the two. Now, many years after this awareness began, the trust and the knowing are beginning to arise from the depths, creating the true me.
And lastly, considered the greatest of all, the crown, Sahasrara, with its one thousand-petaled lotus creates enlightenment. Connecting us with All That Is, meaning all the lower chakras have opened. Sometimes, I feel a tickle, an itch or a spark of light at the crown. Maybe a feeling of being lifted upward or a soft opening, will present itself. Its all about coming into wholeness, these lives that we live. Letting ourselves stay aware of this subtle system day by day, noticing discomforts, issues that arise, we may consciously learn to play with and value the spirit of our chakras.

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