Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Essay - It's January 20, 2009

I hadn’t planned to write about this day as I was preparing to put my unrelated prose on the blog. What was I thinking? This is totally inappropriate, I say. This day needs to be honored, written, as it will be and has been, in many different ways for the significance of humanity.
If we believe in reincarnation, there leaves no doubt Abraham Lincoln is in our presence again. History has come full circle, the goodness of man reigns. We are extremely fortunate to be alive at this moment in time when we have the opportunity to arise and open to a greater way of seeing and accepting “the other”. Our entire planet is ready and immensely grateful for a president with a true heart. After all, Barack Obama is a Leo sun sign, it is all about heart. The evolved fullness of the Leo heart is of a higher aspect.
We’ve had Leo presidents before, you say. Yes, as close as Bill Clinton, but not at this precise point in time. We meet, mankind comes together, with uplifted expansion, leaving our small minds in the past, embracing not only America, but the world, in Wholeness. A reality we’ve never known before in our lives. Gone are the fears, horrors inflicted on the other, all the uncertainties we’ve endured with our tiny brains. We are part of a new history.
This, my friends, is the gift from our enlightened 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama, allowing us to love and live our lives with a Higher Mind.

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