Saturday, January 10, 2009

As we have just entered...

As we have just entered a new year, it is time evaluate the now and let go of what no longer serves me. This is 2009, an eleven year in numerology: the two upright pillars of initiation. This year promises to be an initiatory process for everyone. Two is also about tending to the details of things.

I think back on the previous year. The gains and seeming losses. I know I want more clarity in this next year and even a kinder heart. I self-published a book with six other women in a very democratic process and I’d like to do more of that. I also feel I am opening up my social life a bit more than it’s been, but that may be a projected dream than the reality I would want to live. So I’m holding that one as a possibility rather than a definite.

I’ve been maintaining the bridging of different parts of my families, and have done that to a lesser or larger degree for years. Feeling like the hub around which my family moves, I also feel that these connections may self-perpetuate long after my time here is up. So in this next year, as new people enter the family line, I want to keep that web of life woven, bringing in the new threads.

I also can see by circumstance, 2009 is a year of letting go…especially of what I think needs to happen. Decisions are being made around me that I can’t know, yet I will deal with repercussions like everyone else affected.

All I can really do, as I stand on the edge of this new year, is affirm who I know myself to be on many levels, let go of the old stuff I no longer want to dance with, and be ready to embrace the new learnings as they find me.


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