Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Feel the wave, the one with Obama riding high, the one with people all over the world believing that hope is more than a word and the one where we can see from it's height that something bigger than our little world view is happening. It is here.  I thought as I watched him being sworn in that no matter what happens the door has been opened, people everywhere have felt it and you can not hold the light back anymore, no matter what, it won't go away.  We have all been altered by today's events.  Let trust slip into your heart.  

It is a beautiful thing.  I greet this day knowing that change is here.  I send blessings to the old guard as had they not played their part so well there would not have been the groundswell of clarity, involvement and excitement to make things different. 

Feel the wave, let it wash over you, help you, release the pain of past doings. The sun is out and work is to be done but we have all felt and been touched by the power a person, of Obama.  


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