Sunday, January 18, 2009

Oh, Obama

Oh, Obama, what if it were Sasha’s head lying in the rubble of a Gaza street, for all the world like flower springing up out of the stones and concrete? Would you then support this genocide? Could you say that some people have the right to defend themselves while others do not? Are not all children precious and deserve to have their hopes and laughter intact to embrace this life in Love?

We sit in our comfort zones and proclaim the conditions under which others must live. What kind of inequity exists that one people may have food, and water, and medicines while those next door cannot? What crime is perpetrated on a population that some live in desperate conditions on one side of a wall and their neighbors live in luxury on the other? How much degradation must a people suffer before the sanctimonious senates of the world acknowledge their plight?

The gratuitous killing, the mowing down of the small forms playing football in the road, bombs of white phosphorous (not homemade rockets) blasting deadly destruction through a strip of desert; this is an abomination. What lame justifications do we have that we not only accept but encourage the power mongers to perpetuate?

As I am a mother, my heart bleeds out for our children all over this world. There is not one child that is not my responsibility, not one. I will use my God given voice to cry out for those who cannot or choose not to make their voices heard. I honor those who do. Complacency has no room in my life to rot my good intentions.

When will we learn? When will we stop?
Prema Rose

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A Week's Worth of Women said...

Nice job Prema. Well said. i felt it! Thank you, Mary