Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Poem - The Calling of Svadhisthana (the second chakra

The line of tension in the lower belly
holds the shame and guilt
of sexual abuse.
Its always been there, ever since
I can remember.
There came a time when the awareness
started to awaken.
Something wants to speak, show itself,
The speaking starts with a feeling,
a yearning.
The fear says, Wait, be careful,
someone may notice,
and then where would you be?
Back in the familiar holding.

Oh no, not this time, I’m growing a
strength, in the place of doubt.
This strong yearning is beginning to allow
the milky white crescent moon
to rock me, hold me in its embrace.
Creating a sense of belonging, opening
the petals, letting them begin to flicker
and dance,
welcoming the Other, as the Oneness of love
lights the Way.

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