Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Story I’d Like To Be Told

I’d like to hear the true story of Adam and Eve. I’d like to know what the first man and first woman were like, what they did with their time, and how they felt about the Garden they were given to live in.

I’d like to hear what really happened at the dawn of human creation.

Did we come here from somewhere else and coax existing animal bodies into a speeded-up evolution so that we could inhabit them. Did we bring human evolution to the Earth or was it already happening here.

Another story I’d like to hear is the uncensored story of my family line, from beginning to end with me. Who were these people in my ancestry line. What did they do in their daily lives, how did they think? What did they dream about? Why did I choose this descendency to incarnate into.

And continuing that line of thinking, what has my spiritual history been? What past lives and past life lessons have I lived through to bring me into the present moment? Have I lived before? It seems I have definite predispositions for certain cultures, foods, art, philosophies, and others I have an unusual amount of dislike towards. I figure the latter represents lives I didn’t do well in.

So, in all three of these areas of musings, I think the theme is: how did I get here, where I find myself today, either by racial evolution, family descendency, or my own choosing of adventures and growth experiences. Someday I’ll know.


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