Sunday, November 8, 2009



I am excited to go to work! After so long without a job that would give me something of a consistent income, I am loving to work at a company that fills all my requests.

I had envisioned and asked to work in an area that is meaningful to me and that serves the greater good. I needed it to be part time and flexible, as I have so many creative and entrepreneurial projects that consume much of my time and energy. I wanted something that I could do well and where my talents would be utilized. Not being one with great computer skills, I was never cut out for an office job. I needed to make enough money to support myself at a basic level, as I had dug myself into a deep financial hole. That was partly due to the fact that I had earned quite a bit more in the past than what people are willing to pay these days. I was stuck in what I thought I should be paid for my time and my abilities. Oh well, it was not possible to continue on that way with those assumptions.

A dear friend and former midwifery partner called me to let me know that Wishgarden Herbs was looking for people on a weekly basis to fulfill orders for a big push that they were experiencing. She had been one of the founders of that company, back in the day. Barbara Wishingrad had started it as a complementary business to a beginning midwifery practice twenty-five years ago. It stayed within our midwifery community as Arlee took it over and then our sister writer on this blog, Terra, became the owner. She sold it to Catherine, who took it from a small backroom endeavor to a thriving national operation. It is growing exponentially.

Anyway, I am working there now, at least for a couple of months, and it is great fun. The people are wonderful and the atmosphere relaxed and playful. My work is to label and shrink-wrap bottles. It is very exacting work, as they have to be of the highest quality to appear on the shelves of the stores. But the hours slide by to the rhythms of African, Reggae, Funk, and Soul. Even the silence is sweet.

It is fun to a part of something that I have seen evolve from those early days of the eighties. Although, my part in this company is minor, I am sure that I can and will be called on to contribute more. We are bringing in some high-powered equipment that will change the structure of the workload and that will change the way things look and are done. The days are long, but filled with camaraderie. The pay is small, but better than nothing. I am happy to do something repetitive and not have to create the Universe every day. It is a welcome respite.

Prema Rose

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Terr said...

actually, I didn't own WishGarden. Jennifer B. owned it and I ran it for her. She sold it to Catherine.-- Terra