Sunday, November 22, 2009

God Is In the Details

God Is In the Details

How much attention to the minutiae of detail is present in the entire scope of existence? It is boggling to comprehend. In fact, I find it impossible to absorb, although at times, I examine my immediate surroundings with that question in mind.
If I can bring one nano-iota of the focus needed to create that kind of exactitude in the present moment, I will have honed my awareness to a laser-beam precision. Since I am nowhere near that level of ability, I can only strive and succeed, on rare occasions, to focus my attention with the tools I have been given and practice to the best of my momentary awareness.

Thus, when I am able to remember to do so, I look at the details of creation in my life. Of course, starting with my in and out breath and the position and weight of my body upon the Earth, I expand my awareness to the other aspects of the moment. Even the meanderings of my mind, as it endeavors to focus, can be observed objectively, when I am not entirely lost in them.

If I do a task, I try to bring that attention to detail in the exactitude of the accomplishment. This is a great exercise. My inclination is to gloss over something, usually due to laziness or sloppiness. Often, I will go back and pay attention to make the result as perfect as I can. I call this, “God is in the details”. I am not able to hold this consciousness most of the time, but it is an exercise with which I challenge myself that, coupled with the sensation exercise, brings me to a level of awareness that enhances much of the rest of my life.

Well, you might label me with an Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and you may be right, but I choose to live my life with as much awareness as I can and this way of looking at my co-creation with the Higher Powers, serves me to live more consciously.

Prema Rose

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