Thursday, November 5, 2009


The air … cold, crisp, fresh, exhilarating.

To the east, the sun, not yet visible,
but already lending brightness to the new day.
Thin low clouds reflect back its orange promise.

To the west, the sky forms a deep blue background.
The mountains jagged, rugged, would be harsh if
not softened by the snow that mellows their identity.
This same snow blushes pink with the caress of the sun.

A quiet knicker brings me back to the task at hand.
I bury my nose in the velvet coat of a large warm body.
The dried green richness of last summer’s fields
combines with the earthy molasses of her favorite sweet feed.

Stepping back out into the early morning air,
surveying my assets, lingering on the western view.
Slightly off center, to my eye, hangs the large full moon
iridescent, glowing, throbbing, urging remembrance.

* annette

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