Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Writer

A writer is someone who sees and hears the smaller things, conversations that go behond most people’s ears, catching the hawk’s wing as it soars around the corner of a building.
A writer uses the language of words to convey his point of view and is usually open to the writing process.
A writer is a chronicler of time…the times she lives in, the passage of time, and the moments and events contained in a time frame. Being a writer means you need quiet time to draw from your internal structure, from your internal world that is sometimes richer than the day-to-day physical pursuits of ordinary life.
Some writers live alone so that the writing process isn’t interrupted by another’s thoughts and conversations. Other writers just close the door to friends and family periodically, in order to let a stream of consciousness and language to spill onto the paper, onto the keyboard, and record their awareness, musings or insights about a particular something.
Being a writer, myself, means all of this to me. I began to notice the shift in my mind as I began writing more and more.
I know I think like a writer now. It’s not just noticing something outside myself, I also see that I immediately begin to grope for language, specific words to convey what I’ve just witnessed. It becomes a natural extension of the witnessing… clothing in words what I understand.
Being a writer is being with my truest self aside from where I go in my meditation.


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