Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sweet Peas

One of the first to show themselves in the Spring

Their green tendrils running as if they are in a race

Reaching for anything to cling to; lacking discrimination

Shooting for the stars, they don’t let up.

Finally, the flowers start to present themselves;

Shades of pink, pink and white, with an occasional all-white.

In a vase they are a dramatic, graceful play of elegance.

As I enjoy these bouquets, I begin to wonder about their roots.

I hear they have become invasive

In older Boulder these roots are holding us up, they have become
The foundations of our homes.

Are they attempting to strangle us? Choke our pipes?

The time has come to give them less free rein.

We are in a transition of letting go of old controls within
ourselves; maybe we can pass this control energy on to
sweet pea roots, creating new foundations, dissolving the
old mesh of roots for a new approach to living.


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