Friday, July 24, 2009

Dreaming of Road Trips with Mary


Home and away

Friendship and miles

Red wine and brownies

Mountains and prairies.

Long years and love

Yo yo Ma, Bob Dylan,

Jerry and Johan Sebastian Bach

Witty smarks and

Dark conversations



Along the way

Mapping and camping

Phoenix to Berkley

Roaring with laughter

Shannon and Darby

Blue sky and weed

Mackinac , Sarnac, and White Fish Bay

Ian and Sylvia

Tall trees and grey oceans

Beaches of agate

Mississippi, Iowa and

Dogs in Nebraska

Mountains of rocks

Rivers and Freddie

Skipping to ski

And Low country valleys

Time and again

Have we crossed the boarder

To higher ground?

Are we there yet?

Sixteen to sixty

Who are we now?

Where are we ?

Will we ever go home again?

Not this time around

Want to go to Marin?

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