Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Prose - These Days

These Days

We’re moving into a new realm. It isn’t like the old days, even though a lot of us attempt to grasp for the familiar, it’s barely there. My experience has been bumbling, not quite the smooth transition I had imagined. I’m shocked at my clumsiness, even my eight-year old granddaughter commented on how clumsy I have become. I am tripping over things, running into walls, banging my head on whatever gets in my blind path. I’ve grown concerned, my body aches, I feel much older than I am.
So you can imagine my relief when I read a metaphysical email stating all these mishaps that are happening to us as we are shifting into the next dimension. We are not in the past anymore and yet not in the future either. Our movement into this new and different place may only flow smoothly, if that’s an option, by staying totally and completely in the present. Even the present may be a little nebulous. It’s the best we have at the moment.

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