Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Prose - Pizza

I lost my taste for pizza when it made me sick a day or so before I gave birth to my second daughter.
As my daughters were growing up, mainly what they wanted to eat was pizza. I learned to make homemade pizza, a healthier version, with a whole wheat crust. This they weren’t too thrilled about. Eventually, Nick and Willy’s came on the scene with wonderfully flavored pizzas I could tolerate and even enjoy. To me, the secret of a good pizza is not too much sauce or cheese, just enough for flavor. Some would say that’s what pizza is all about.
I have been a cookbook user most of my life, not considering myself a natural chef. But, several years ago I did create a pizza that I love and has become a favorite to share.
First, I use Viccio’s frozen “cornmeal” crust. They also make a “cornmeal and spelt” crust, which is good, but can get too crisp for me. Next, put on your favorite tomato sauce, a thin layer is best. Sauté a cup or two of chopped spinach in olive oil, just until wilted, along with 2 green onions, chopped an inch or more, evenly layer this on top of the sauce. Next comes the shrimp. I always use frozen, making sure its thawed and drained well on a paper towel, about twelve or thirteen shrimp on this size crust. Now, top it all off with feta cheese, I prefer goat or feta, using ¼ - 1/3 cup. And if you would like, a sprinkling of herbs, a little salt and pepper.
I bake it at 450o for about twenty minutes, but if your oven bakes hotter than mine you may try 425o.
This is my kind of pizza, without the wheat, that we tend to overdue in our culture. A fulfilling and well-rounded treat in each slice.

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