Saturday, July 25, 2009

Summer Meal

I’m thinking of the zukes just forming in my garden, small green nubs on the tail end of huge golden flowers. Soon I hope to pick them.

By then, the tomatoes will ripen, those small pale orange pearls covering the branches, with yellow flowers on others limbs of those yet to form.

Soon the scallions deeper in the dirt will fatten and the basil leaves will broaden. My favorite dinner by August will come from my own garden instead of the supermarket.

When August arrives, I’ll pick all these items, this bounty of nature and , in a skillet with some olive oil or coconut oil, I’ll place them chopped and ready for the heat.

Sautéing lightly, readying brown or basmati rice or whole grain udon noodles on the side, I’ll wait for the vegetables to come to readiness, retaining their color, a slightly softer texture, and give me aromas to enliven my taste buds.

Fresh picked foods bring life force with the taste from the vine and transfer prana into my cells. For this, I’ll wait through the early summer until nature’s time decrees she’s ready. And then I’m ready to feast.


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