Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Cup

Each one comes, in their own time, and trades their small cup of understanding (of experiences and interpretations) for an ocean. That’s the difference-cup - ocean. What’s amazing is how long it can take to say “Im ready to give up my little cup.” How many teachers are sent, books are read, techniques applied, courses taken, interpretations given and visions revealed before you hand over your cup. It’s okay mind you, it’s only a cup and you are entitled to hang onto it as long as you like. Folks think all kinds of things are necessary to be ready, to prepare, but none of them really are. Simply place it down. The ocean is waiting.

“But how?” you ask. “It’s all I know.” Simply place it down and for a while know you will pick it up at the drop of a hat, at the instant someone challenges you or your sense of self/safety is threatened-in other words-survival. The conditioning is; something in the cup will save you, some answer is swirling around in it’s shallow depths. No-it’s not, but that’s okay if that’s what you want to think for a while longer. But not much.

As the ocean of love arrives at your door you will not care about hanging onto it. You will jump in, swim, play, float, whatever it is for you. You’ll be so busy being a drop of love bopping around the ocean you’ll soon forget your old cup and the limited world you once thought was all there is. You’ll one day have the thought “The Cup?” and laugh and laugh, that for so long you lived your life in protection of it’s fragile nature. That you worked around, planned around and built around it. "A cup", you’ll think, how silly.

Now the ocean requires certain things to stay in. You leave all that planning behind. It’s not about that. All the judgements and needing to do everything right, get left behind too. Being right, forget that as well.

That series called “Left Behind”, they got the left behind part right. They just didn’t get what’s left behind. It’s not a bunch of folks who haven’t followed some rules or paid a certain kind of allegiance to “Jesus” which is what I recall they demanded from my limited exposure. It’s the need to be right, the desire to judge, to prove yourself, greed and power over, these are just a few of the things you put down with the cup.

The cup and all it’s secrets, wrongs and rights (rules) that keep you separate; from someone, anyone, something or anything. All the the time, the whole show, the entire ride in the cup took place in the ocean. You could never have left. It was our imagination playing out the dream of limitations. What a relief. Is it time for a new dream? Would you like a cup of love now?


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