Saturday, July 4, 2009

Do you dream...?

Do you dream of a better place?

Where love flows like water

and the droughts of this world

don’t exist?

Do you hope for a world

where kindness and generosity

prevail and are the natural

order of the day?

Where murder and theft

are obsolete concepts

of human behavior?

Do you long for the company

of others and know that

in another place we all

live together in harmony?

Where true human compassion

outlawed long ago

the old ways of the world

and brought us to create

A way of life that nurtures

and includes each soul.

Right now wherever you are

in your dreaming

Take your hopes and longings

and live the way your feelings

tell you is right.

Begin to bring

That other world through

right now, right here

where you find yourself

wherever that is.


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