Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I want to start writing, daily, if only a few minutes, lines, words, concepts, a day. Just allowing the creative act, each day, with laying down a line, a thought, and moving on. Already the tide of thoughts this day has brought in a rich assortment of treasures. Many of which went right back out to the ocean because I didn’t write them down. The whole notion of picking up a thought, as I might a shell, looking it over to decide is this one to keep and work with, play with? And why one might seem more precious in that moment than another. Some feed us, not just as an object, but as an opening to a mini-world within. A room we’d never gone in and explored. We may have peeked in at one time or another but never really fully entered. A story or sentence or a few words can take you, let you enter, this place deep within your being.

Out of all the words, thoughts, and volumes of books out there all of a sudden one stops us long enough to reflect, to gaze at and with words it can pull us into it’s waves. We find that one “speaks to us”, nurtures, feeds, gives us something. What is it? Opening our minds, sometimes not as open as we’d like to think. Opening our hearts, our tender hearts that often have layers of protection. Words arrive, give insight, to open and free some part that had been waiting in the dark. The words turn on a light to illuminate that next thing that is up for us.

When I went to my first Opera in L.A., Pucini’s Madame Butterfly, for two days afterwards cells in my body were still enlivened, awakened. I remember leaving feeling like someone fed me something I’d never had. Words can do this too, if we create the space to receive them. If we really receive their voice it may waken our own. So that treasure that washes up to the shore of our being can inspire our own treasures. Waiting silently within to be discovered and uncovered. Maybe it’s a ray of sunlight piercing through the clouds to land on a speck of ocean and sparkle. Just there for that moment to bring beauty through to you. To behold and let go. We can’t hold onto the treasures, it is in the receiving and letting go that we come to find something.


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