Monday, December 29, 2008

My Life of the 2nd Chakra

Conceived outside the sanction of marriage, I grew to play hidden childhood games where I said “Uncle” and surrendered to his sexual domination. At college I replayed that scenario with the professor, who lied so he could stain his sheets with the remainder of my innocence. After that I replayed again & again, as I mistook my womb for my heart, my orgasm for love, and my yoni for my self worth.

Finally, I married for convenience. I conceived, carried and gave birth to my son. When I looked into his eyes, I knew love. When I birthed him in the middle of friends, in the middle of my bedroom, I knew that the power of the womb, and my own power, went beyond thrills and sparks. It was the power to create and nurture someone of substance.

From there I midwifed babies and mothers, serving the 2nd chakra by proving this power again & again to myself and the world. I was baptized again & again with amniotic fluid and birth blood, until I was full of birth. Then I could stop and sleep again.

Continuing my service to the 2nd chakra, I massaged and prayed women’s wombs and ovaries back to life and back into place, in their bodies and in the world. There. That feels complete.

What can I do for the 2nd Chakra now that this body no longer eggs & bleeds and my penance is done? I give birth through the mysterious womb of words. I affirm women's creativity beyond the body.

-By Terra Rafael

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