Sunday, December 14, 2008

Love Born In The Night

Holding the hush in the depths of the dark,
In the cave of the heart
Is lit a spark.
Slowly and gently emerges a glow
Of a love that ‘s so precious,
And on it will flow
Into a world where troubles abound,
Into the prayers
Where sorrows are found.
Into the whispers
Of those lost in fear,
Into embraces
Of those we hold dear.
Into the dark
And the dread of unknown,
Into the hopelessness,
Then we are shown
That which is always and ever right here,
That which illumines
And makes life quite clear.
We open our eyes to the innermost light
We open our hearts to a world of delight.
Call it Solstice, or Christmas,
Channuka, or Kwanza,
The power is Sacred,
It all is Allah.
And so go within
And receive the great gift
Of a heart born in Love.
We welcome the shift,
We come to the dark of the year
Bearing light
Of the luminous love
Born in us in the night.

Prema Rose

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