Monday, December 1, 2008

Gifts My Family Gave Me

Grandma Johnson gave me a pile of books, a green thumb and an ear for music.

Grandpa Johnson encouraged me to dress beautifully, praising how I looked int the new clothes he bought me.

Grandma Moan gave me the taste for freshly baked bread, hot from her wood stove, slathered with lots of butter and for water, freshly pumped from deep in the earth.

Grandpa Moan gave me a vision of an angry Norse God, shaking his cane like Thor shaking the lightning bolt, followed by the thunder of his big voice.

Uncle Manley gave me the chance to heal and grow past his abuse and my shame, leaving me with an acute awareness & enjoyment of sexuality.

Dad gave me a two-wheeled bike that I could grow into, a canoe I could paddle alone around Side Lake, and a love for a neat & clean home.

Mom gave me the experience of being responsible for my sisters & brothers, a childhood with a soundtrack of crooners & show tunes, and a warm cuddle now & then.

- by Terra Rafael

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