Saturday, December 6, 2008

Prose: A Look Back

I see you at the beach, tousled head of blond ringlets, running along, daring the water’s edge to find your toes. Your mother sits on the blanket with your baby sister, keeping track of you, her eyes worrying your distance from her.

Your father’s right behind you. His dogged steps fill in your shallow footprints in the wet sand as he runs herd on his charge…you. You, the first born, the pioneer of your family in your childhood innocence…and you brought the change your family never expected. Truth be told, your father was always running after you, trying to hold his own and catch up.

You were well loved in their way, which made it a maze of uncertainty. Double messages and hide and seek became a way of life, let alone childhood games.

But you made it through. You survived those days of trial and error…everyone doing what they thought was right at the time. And you came through with a loving heart.

And now, as your future self, I bid you welcome and invite you into my adult heart, to bring your innocence and your willingness to try the new and untamed into a joint venture with me. I’m grateful to remember you and find you alive and well.


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