Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Prose - Woman, the Matriarchy, and Expansion

I’m reading a book called Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, a book about the Japanese, women and foot binding. It’s a painful, torturous knowing in their history of how women were treated. The beautiful lilies, as their bound feet were called, were revered in a way we cannot even imagine. How long did these women allow themselves to be totally worthless? There was a saving grace. A laotong was another ancient custom surrounding women. A laotong was a female friend usually chosen around seven years of age. Two young girls are matched up according to the eight characters of who they are. This friendship is for life. It usually is even more important than the husband. The beauty and ritual of this friendship is meant to be a fulfilling part of their lives. To me, it feels our American culture is somewhat lacking in the depth of this kind of relationship among our women. True, we have our own special closeness with our women friends. But to the quality and extent of how a laotong is chosen for two young girls, I know of nothing we may have that’s even close. I will quickly give up the idea of a laotong if it meant enduring foot binding. At least the women had this, sometimes the only nurturing they had came from this friend. Women throughout history, since the Goddess years, have been weakened and dishonored.

So, when I think how we’ve evolved and are evolving from this patriarchal culture, to more and more the matriarchy, and hopefully balance, it’s been a very long passage of time, with much torture and pain to woman. As I allow myself to come into my Goddess years, I feel I have much to teach men about a deeper part of themselves. As that dynamic comes about, maybe I will open to men in a way that hasn’t happened before, without diminishing myself.

As the pendulum is swinging………we are blessed with the opportunity of living as One.

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