Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Prose - Maddy's Sleep Pillow

Once upon a time four years ago, my granddaughter, Madalyn Brook was having difficulty settling down and really sleeping at night. Her birth planets may figure in, having her Sun, Mercury, Uranus and Neptune all in Aquarius in the seventh house of relationship, then tightly sealed with her Part of Fortune. At that time she was three, with lots of stimulus in her tiny little being.
My love for her at that time came through the making of a sleep pillow for her. Into this pillow I filled with dried lavender blossoms, for its intentionally serene quality. On the antique pillowcase I embroidered the words, Maddy’s Sleep Pillow, along with highlighting the already white on white flowers that were done long before, with lavender and violent. Then I embroidered a regular size antique case with her initials MBP, in lavender threads.
Much joy goes into a project for a grandchild. Its unlike doing and giving in any other kind of relationship. It beckons to a strengthening of the lineage. All the ancestors from before bring their energy, knowingly and unknowingly, to the seen artisan. Each stitch has a significant thought or characteristic of the lineage that has made its way through the fabric.
Just recently, I heard Maddy, now seven, is just starting to let go of taking her sleep pillow whenever she leaves home. Maybe now all the positive stitches have processed through her dreams. Now she may be ready for another time, another passage in her young life.
Either way, its probably time for new dried lavender blossoms.

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