Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Military Takeover of the United States

I have become aware, in the last week, of a most insidious development within our country. It is not exactly something new; however, the scope of the possibility has just increased to outrageous proportions.
I am speaking of the military maneuvers in Portland, Oregon in the last couple of weeks. It has been reported that the military has been conducting exercises for crowd control using live ammunition. Although no one was hurt, it is possible that someone could have been. The question arose for me as to why they are doing these exercises in our cities to be used on our citizens.

Last night, I read that President Bush has assigned the 3rd Infantry Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team to be under the day-to-day control of U.S. Army North, the Army component of Northern Command (NorthCom). According to an article in "Army Times", the soldiers could be called upon for a variety of tasks, including quelling civil unrest. They are apparently engaged in training with shield and batons, beanbag bullets, and Tasers.

This morning I was telling a friend that I had bought a ticket for the election night simulcast at the Boulder Theater. I was envisioning the celebration party that would ensue when Obama became our 44th president. Suddenly, the opposite scenario took over my inner vision and I saw the anger and uprising that would occur if the Republicans stole another election.

Oh my God! This is what they are preparing for. It is part of their plan and everything made sense about why they are extending the military powers. My initial reaction was horror. No, this cannot be happening! Then, I changed my reaction to being aware of the strength of inner work. I brought my sensation into a point in my body to ground the feelings that were arising in me. This is a Gurdjieff exercise that I find invaluable. Okay, what is within the arena of my sphere of influence that I can balance and harmonize? What can we as a people do to counter this takeover of our freedoms? What would Gandhi have done?

I then saw massive peaceful demonstrations. Not people fighting the military and losing the battle and being imprisoned in the vast network of detention centers that have been built for just this time. I saw thousands upon thousands of people lying down on the runways, and train tracks, and roads so that all commerce would be stopped. Yes, some would be hauled off but the sheer numbers of protesters would impact the whole system.

We must summon all our courage at this time and be prepared. I hope to God that this scenario will not come to pass. I do believe that we have choice of which of the numerous possibilities we create as the actuality. It seems necessary to come together in groups to envision, in detail, the eventuality we wish to create. There are very powerful forces at work here and we must summon all our strength to counteract the darkness with light. I have “done battle” (which is what I call encountering the epitome of evil) several times in my life and it has taken every ounce of my strength. Together, we can and will prevail in the Light.

Envision the movement of a Light wave spreading throughout this country an engulfing the agendas of those who would keep us in servitude to greed and domination. This Light Wave grows into a Tsunami and will wash the whole Planet in healing brilliance.
Prema Rose

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