Sunday, October 26, 2008


The leaves are trembling

So loosely on the bough,

The colors dancing

In the present now,

The golden cover

Floats gently on the pond,

I make my wish and

Wave my fairy wand.

To flood this moment

With love so deep in Earth,

I hold redemption

Forever giving birth

To all creation,

So wondrous and so new,

I bow in reverence

To Life, alive and true.

To catch the moment

Just before the word,

As yet unspoken,

Still, until it’s heard,

And, in the silence,

All possibility

Lies in the in-breath

Of potentiality.

To breathe the out-breath

Into clear attention,

The choice of thought form

Manifests intention.

I’m in the asking

For strong integrity

And for the courage

To take responsibility.

Prema Rose

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