Thursday, October 16, 2008

Essay. My Moment on a Soapbox

In response to an email that I have been receiving that blames the ills of our country on the: Democratic Congress voted into place in 2006.

I have absolutely no intention of trying to change your mind, but………

For the past six years the United States has alienated many of our allies. After 9-11 we had the sympathy of peoples around the world but that has slipped away. We have lost RESPECT in the world view ~ this is HUGE. This began way before the Democratic Congress came into power.

Personally, these last four years have been getting worse for me financially, and then worse again ~~ this began way before the Democratic Congress came into power. My fellow real estate appraisers and I have been saying for years that the mortgage situation was heading in a bad direction. I remember hearing radio ads encouraging people to refinance their homes for 115% of the appraised value. My friends asked me if this was really possible. It was, but, I/We knew that it was wrong. Our president had advisors telling him the same thing.

Whoever becomes our next President is going to have a VERY hard row to hoe to try and get us back to where we began eight years ago when Bush was handed a balanced budget and the USA was held in high esteem by our peers. As our failing economy brings down the stock markets in other major “playing” countries, I wonder if the fickle finger of fate will be pointed at us for being responsible(irresponsible??). The United States has plummeted on so many levels. I do not believe that George W was democratically elected four years ago, and I am concerned that they have messed (insert much stronger word if you want to know how i really feel) with the voting apparatus AGAIN.

I am very concerned that John McCain does not have the health and stamina to make it four years. He continues to preach off-shore drilling, an idea which scientists and energy producers have already stated won’t be on line in time to help us out of this situation. If we continue to act the way we have been acting, we will get more of what we are getting now ~~ and that is not what I want for me, my country, nor my son and his friends.

Communications, open dialog, heated debates to find common ground, these things are vital to our existence on this planet. I demand a president that will talk not only to our friends, but to those who might be considered our enemies. My brother reminded me of an old saying, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” We are not alone.

But most importantly, I believe, like Barack Obama, that becoming energy independent could be our next and most incredible claim to fame. We have people with wonderful ideas, we have the resources and know-how, and we therefore have the ability to become the world leader on energy independence. This is a contribution that will help the American people and be of service to every country on the planet. It is possible. But we will need to step beyond the Bush-Cheney-oil company-fossil fuel companies and BEGIN. Unless we want to become fossil’s ourselves, we need to move FORWARD.

Barack Obama would like to revitalize the Peace Corps! What a pleasant change that would be ~ to promote prosperity from a place of caring versus fear of destruction. I pray to God that this election will be honorably administered and the team that is able to do the most good for the MOST people will be elected.

Time will tell. Stepping down now, thank you for your time. * annette.

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