Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Prose - The Labyrinth

For the first time ever, I enter this place alone. The light is very low. No one else is around. It’s an enclosed labyrinth, so one is held, as if, in the womb.

It’s my birthday, I say a prayer and ask for a message. I put sliders on my feet over my socks. I stand at the entrance, ring the little bell on the table that sits next to the entry to the walk. I pause, waiting for the energy to shift. I begin, slowing my pace already, appreciating my aloneness. I keep walking, enveloping the silence, asking my mind gently, to join it.

I started noticing the way I was walking wasn’t feeling so good, or even natural. So, with the sliders on my feet, I start sliding. Not that my socks wouldn’t have done that, but the sliders seemed smoother.

I took advantage of having the place to myself and especially it being my birthday, I really got into it, sliding, I mean. It felt so good, a relief from the previous walk of before.

Within a few moments my body repositioned itself into a new walk. It was much more comfortable. As I settled into this new feeling in my body, the message came forth, (and I had not even gotten to center yet). ‘Lead with your heart’, which was what my body and whole being was easing into.

I’ve known this for years, but actually doing and living it can be another matter. It's sometimes too easy to hold back and protect our self. Letting our heart lead eases the control of the mind. It seemed now my body was getting it on a more cellular level. So many shifts and changes within, however small. My gift to me on this day; loving myself enough to take this time to be in slow still movement.


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Mary said...

Great and great birthday gift! Mary